Client feedback

I truly value the feedback I receive from everyone I work with. It is a real privilege to witness the difference therapy makes in their lives. Here are the kind comments some of my clients have made:

“Thank you again for the sessions we had earlier in the year. I have used the techniques you taught me for a few plane flights and as it got closer to my latest 3 monthly medical check. It has made me a lot more relaxed and stopped me thinking about things until they happen. I Liked your calming nature and that you allowed me to decide what to discuss and what not to discuss. Plus going at a pace I was comfortable with.”

“I am truly honoured to have had the ability to meet yourself who truly took time to listen, not judge but understand how consumed I am of my fears, worries and the uncertainty of re living all that trauma from before.  I never thought of myself as worthy to be called a victim or subject of abuse as I thought it was my doing that caused my ex to act out in all the ways he did but you remind me that I am me, strong, a fighter who has survived abuse for 20 years and now able to re-grow a different and newer version of me. Thank you.”

“Thank you once again for all the help, patience and support you have provided us over the past few months. It has been a real privilege to receive such well planned guidance. You practised very active listening to identify the issues we faced as individuals and as a couple, then addressed these in turn. The calm, supportive environment you fostered during our sessions helped us to self-reflect and communicate openly with each other …Thank you for taking the time to accommodate our needs so well. “

“Thank you for helping me get my life back after all these years.”

“I started having therapy with Iain as I was suffering from panic attacks and anxiety, and straight away, he had a very calming, reassuring, grounding effect on my being. He helped me understand what my condition was truly about, and he taught me very useful CBT techniques to help me manage it on a day to day basis. We also had a couple of EMDR sessions to tackle some underlying issues connected to the anxiety. He is a great therapist, that has helped me immensely. He made me feel very confortable to open up and talk about whatever I felt needed some attention, and he welcomed every topic with an open mind and valuable insight.”

“I have found working with you on the CBT very beneficial and I’m extremely glad I took the plunge.  In terms of remote sessions, they have worked well for me and have enabled me to fit in sessions more easily with my work.”

“Being someone who had a somewhat sceptical view of therapy – I was blown away by the effectiveness of the treatment and words are not adequate enough to describe the thanks I’d like to give Iain. He made me feel at ease, heard, valued and at no point was I concerned about the things I was sharing or feel judged by them (despite judging myself). I was able to be very open, honest and emotionally expressive without feeling uncomfortable at any time. Each and every method and exercise that was used during my treatment were exceptionally thought out and delivered with an effectiveness that has changed the course of my life.”

“I have gained a personal confidence that I’ve never had before, and a belief that I have the courage and power to move forward in life with positivity and a toolset at my disposal for eventualities that I might face once not attending therapy. The rapport you built and the support you gave me through my journey will be carried with me forever!”

“This was the first time I have ever tried CBT and it was something I wasn’t too familiar with at the start. However, the strategies you have taught me have helped me to let go of worries which seemingly take over my life. You were a great listener and I never felt embarrassed to explain my thoughts. I am looking forward to continuing to gain back my confidence and independence!” 

“Thank you for all that you have taught me. It’s been a battle with anxiousness for as long as I can remember. Never thought I could have moved on from my trauma but I did and have! Forever grateful.”

“Thank you for all you did for me. Your kindness, support, care, guidance, advice and help you gave me, really helped me to fight harder to work towards finding myself again. In a time I was in the lowest place I’ve ever been , you reached down with a helping hand and rescued me. “

“The words ‘life-changing’ can be quite easily used. However, my experience with Iain has been just that. My friends and family have noticed a physical change in me and I feel re-born. He has given me tools which have allowed me to forgive, to let go and to worry far less. I am now able to let go of intrusive thoughts. I feel more independent, than I have ever been, more confident, I have my fighting spirit back. Iain is always calm, non-judgmental and gives tools, tips and therapy which are practical and make a real difference. He’s also very pleasant and takes the pain out of the sessions, especially the hard-ones dealing with re-living trauma.”

“I have learnt a lot and have really noticed a positive change in my thoughts and behaviour. I know, as long as I keep using all the tools, I’ll be able to continue to recognise and dismiss the worries and catch (and more importantly – challenge) that critical voice! Thank you.”

“Iain, in my opinion, is amazing! He used humour, was a wonderful listener, and has helped me  so much. Everything I have learnt and understood, I will carry forward thanks to his help.”

“I have loved every moment with speaking  with my therapist. He has allowed me to express my feelings, shown me ways to make myself become a better person and make my family happy as well.”

“Iain is a very kind and caring professional therapist who has helped me with many problems. He is a great listener and a lovely calming voice. He explains things really well and I have always felt at ease with him.”

“For somebody who has never really been able to open up, I found I was able to very easily with Iain and felt comfortable doing so!”

“We found couples therapy very informative and a great source of information to help deal with our situation. Taking to Iain was easy as he was very mutual and understanding of both parties. The techniques and tools he provided and taught were extremely useful and helped in rebuilding our ability to communicate in a positive, more constructive manner.”

“Iain was absolutely brilliant throughout this course of therapy, very knowledgeable and obviously very experienced. He always led us through things calmly and made us feel safe and confident about therapy.”