• The truth about worrying
    Would you describe yourself as a worrier? Do you catch yourself thinking about the future in a way that makes you feel anxious or apprehensive? Do you consider all the ways a situation might go wrong? Do you worry excessively about your job, your finances, the safety of your children? Do you think everything youContinue reading “The truth about worrying”
  • Lost that Loving Feeling?
    Anything worthwhile requires work. Relationships are no different. Couples therapy can give you the space to focus on your relationship and the tools to address the issues that arise. If you are facing challenges in your relationship, rather than simply giving up and walking away, you might want to consider couples therapy. Often the problemsContinue reading “Lost that Loving Feeling?”
  • “George is a courageous boy”
    The power of early-attachment-focused interventions in therapy *George was well into his 80s when he came to therapy for the first time in his life. His GP had suggested he try talking therapy to deal with his increasing anxiety. It was obvious that he was sceptical about this option from the moment we met. “IContinue reading ““George is a courageous boy””

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